Our Activities

  • Equity Transactions
    We screen your opportunities in order to evaluate the strategic initiatives supporting the business soundness.
  • Advisory and Business Plan
    We provide certainty in the economic, strategic and financial business planning in order to detect all the chance of success.
  • Debt and Structured Finance
    We provide financial solutions thanks to our international agreements. La Compagnia Finanziaria offers the best service.
  • Real Estate Advisory
    Residential, commercial and industrial. Experience, consolidated relationship with institutional and international operators.


Our business is based on mediation and counseling in the context of major financial transactions. Our experience is a guarantee of success. Our strength is customer satisfaction.

  • BIRO'
  • Metro.Ferr
Stefano Di Tommaso

Stefano Di Tommaso
LCH President

Why choose us?

LCH S.p.a (La Compagnia Finanziaria) is an independent merchant bank that operates with Italian service companies in corporate finance since 1983.La Compagnia Holding controls LCH S.p.a, which is distinguished for thirty years for its ability to offer innovative solutions to companies.

Associated with: Studio Arrighi & PartnersAssociazione Amici del Museo Ermitage, InteressiComunJournal, Professione Finanza.

Il Giornale della Finanza

A collection of Political and economic aspects of international finance, analyzed and commented by our Senior Partner Stefano Di Tommaso.

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