Public and private placements of equity shares

The entrepreneurs consider on a regular basis the possibility of a new shareholder in the capital structure, for example in order to seize new market or investment opportunity. Finding the right shareholder it’s a relevant choice for the prompt value growth of the company.

How can we find the right shareholder?

La Compagnia Finanziaria maintains direct relationships with many risk capital investors, from the PE investors to the less known institutional investors such as banks, pension funds, insurance companies, family offices, asset management funds, public societies and supranational entities.

Through our knowledge of their objectives, competences, specialization and business approach and our 30-year experience, La Compagnia is able to select the adequate counter-parties for you transactions.

The transaction should be strictly confidential when the negotiation is ongoing, but in same case the medias could help and accelerate the acquisition process , with many advantages for the brand awareness.

For hundreds of entrepreneurs La Compagnia Finanziaria was the key for the business growth and the strategic partner with which the companies plan their future.