About us

About Us

La Compagnia Holding is an independent merchant banking serving Italian companies in corporate finance. La Compagnia Holding SpA has stood out for its ability to offer innovative solutions to companies. It operates with devotion and commitment to the objective and without any conflict of interests. During the years La Compagnia developed a proven and recognized ability to raise capital for the companies’ development and  strong competences in the analysis, definition and realization of corporate finance transactions.

La Compagnia Holding is recognized as a leader in syndicated loans, in the financing of complex transactions and in corporate restructurings. Through a wide network of international partners, We record a strong presence in the capital markets, where even the greater Italian banks find difficult to assert themselves.

Our Mission

We work every day in order to improve our actions and in order to:

  • Offer innovative solutions for the companies;
  • Be a qualified and independent financial partner;
  • Operate without any conflict of interests;
  • operate effectively in lack of liquidity and in difficult contexts.

Our Team

La Compagnia Holding  has always been controlled by its management.

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